A piece of my writing in Chinese when I was nine

My love for books formed my basic and long-lasting grounding in literature. Then, it became natural for me to have an idea of writing down my own life. Due to the huge amount of books I had read, writing was not difficult for me. At first, I only wrote down some meaningful events that I experienced, such as the Chinese Lunar New Year and the annual festival held by my school. After a while, I started to use my pen to record both important occasions and brief moments that were ordinary yet beautiful in my daily life. When writing became a habit of mine, I found it was both a relief from school work and a method of keeping track of the joyful moments in my life. Moreover, it was really fun to look back at my previous writing and to re-experience those memories that had been buried deeply in my mind. I often shared my writing with my father, and he would always compliment my work while encourage me to keep writing and to form my own writing style. Through these casual diary-style pieces of writing, I became increasingly fascinated by writing and was developing my personal writing style by creating some short novels and stories of my own. My confidence in writing was bolstered through continuous acknowledgment from my teachers and friends, for my articles were often read loud in front of the whole class as good writing samples. Writing had not only become a part of my life, but also a source of pleasure.