Since my conversation with Jim, I started trying to shake off all the burdens and worries I had while writing and throw myself back into the joyful world of words, sentences and paragraphs. I began to set realistic goals; for example, I would rather use simple sentences to express my meanings accurately than use compound-complex sentences and render my essays obscure. Then I began to expand my vocabulary – my purpose was not only to remember the meanings of words, but also to learn how to use them properly. In this way, I was improving my writing in English step-by-step, and one day I found I no longer had problem reading my huge piles of text books. I even started to get higher and higher grades in English. That was when I realized that this was an effective way to improve myself; also, I had finally found a way to bring back all the fun and enthusiasm into my writing and reading. Taught by my writing experience, I realized that taking just a small step had become one of my life's principles, which I apply to every task and challenge that I confront.