Throughout my research, it was interesting to note the wide variety of disciplines that have articles relating to fast fashion.  Before I began this project, I had always assumed that this was an issue only discussed by people in the fashion industry or who were part of a social science field.  After analyzing how mathematics, textile arts, and a proponent of the zero-waste movement view and discuss the issue of fast fashion, I now realize that this is everyone's issue.  This topic can be debated across disciplines and it affects everyone who purchases clothing.

I can conclude that there is no right or correct way to discuss fast fashion. Each individual resource revealed information regarding their discipline and country's position in the fast fashion industry. The mathematics and engineering article addressed the issue by mathmetically analyzing product complexity from a Eurocentric point of view. My interview demonstrated that participants in the zero-waste movement view the industry to be a significant detriment to society and use their position in the movement to combat the effects of fast fashion. The second article from the textile arts and fiber engineering journal also took an experimental approach to contest the negative effects of fast fashion. Their position in an underdeveloped country increases the drive to create a sustainable fashion industry. Each resource used aspects of their discipline to build their argument, and their country of origin’s position within the fast fashion industry also influenced them.



Xintong Wang
24 May 2017, 20:49

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