In comparison of the two academic articles from different fields but on similar topics, I hold the view that the psychological essay is better than the sociological one in terms of conveying experimental results despite the fact that they share some similarities. 


The literature reviews both serve as the rationale and fundamental concepts for the two articles. Each of them is based on previous literature on a similar topic. Moreover, both indicate the limitations of the previous works and design experiments with more controlled variables.

In addition, both of them discuss some variables that might influence the final results when analyzing the data collected from the experiments. Although the variables are found statistically insignificant, the discussion demonstrates the pursuit of preciseness from the authors of both articles. 


However, compared to the sociological article, the psychological article is structured more clearly by using more subtitles, which renders the essay easier to follow. Furthermore, by giving a more purpose-oriented abstract, the authors of the psychological article inform the audience at the very beginning about the purpose, basic structure, summarized processes of the two experiments, and the conclusion reached in this essay. Therefore, the audience is able to have some general knowledge and certain expectations before reading the rest of the paper. In contrast, the sociological article does not provide any concrete information about this paper in its abstract, and the authors use long and integrated paragraphs to convey the ideas in its almost six-page-long introduction, which makes the essay fairly hard to follow.

Moreover, when the authors of the psychological paper present the results, they utilize tree diagrams and bar charts rather than tables of data like the ones used by the authors of the sociological paper. Through transforming experimental data to straightforward graphs, the authors of the psychological paper succeed in presenting straightforward results so that even those who do not have knowledge in psychology can understand it. In addition, the authors of the psychological paper illustrate their analysis by explaining it again in simpler language, which the authors of the sociological paper fail to do. Therefore, the choice of language also contributes to making the psychological paper more approachable to the general public. 

Due to its clearer structure, use of graphs, and choice of language, the psychological paper conveys the opinions and presents the conclusion to the general public in a better way. 


Xinyue Shen
12 June 2017, 2:08

I made my introduction and conclusion sentences bold so that the audience could better see them as the text blocks of "similarities" and "differences" took a large portion of this page. 

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