Chained to the Rhythm


I decided to keep the majority of this section the same, because I felt like it gave a very good background of the song and the context of the song.  The only change I made was in the vary last sentence I added a few words that I thought better clarified my main idea.  I feel like now my thesis statement is clear and concise. 

Revision in blue



After three years of no new music, Katy Perry recently released a new song titled “Chained to the Rhythm” featuring reggae artist Skip Marley. The single initially comes off as another one of Perry’s dance ballads with a disco pop beat, but as you continue to listen a deeper message shows through. The song was released February 10, 2017, less than a month after Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration. The lyrics reference a “happily numb” society unaware that life’s trivial distractions are deterring their focus away from critical issues. The music video, released a few days later depicts Perry as a guest in the theme park “Oblivia,” a futuristic, 50’s style amusement park plagued with pastels and overly ecstatic visitors. With attractions modeled after serious problems occurring today, such as “No Place Like Home.” A ride that flings you over a fence after your day at the park, this is referring to Trump’s wall and the controversy surrounding immigration policy. There’s also a stand selling “Inferno H2O,” a blue beverage served in a beaker and lit on fire. This represents America’s dependency on oil and its tendency to risk water as a resource to produce more. Through lyrical metaphors, ironic visual imagery and organizational emphasis the song, as well as the music video, communicate the intended message of a society with little freedoms and their need for greater societal awareness.