About the Author

The song is performed by Katy Perry and features Skip Marley but they did not write the lyrics by themselves. They had help from fellow singer/songwriter Sia, as well as producers Max Martin and Ali Payami.   Although the song was written by a select few, Perry is the implied author of the piece. She takes responsibility for the final product. Given the political nature of the song, it is bound to receive praise and criticism with both being directed at Perry.

Perry has a history of being politically involved. Her twitter bio reads “Artist. Activist. Conscious.” She has been an advocate for LGBTQ rights, she publicly supported Hillary Clinton’s run for presidency and took part in the Women’s March after Trump took office. She often uses her fame to bring attention to issues she believes are important. This song is no different. Many have credited this song as Perry’s response to Trump’s presidency and some of the decisions his administration has been making. She has never outright said that this was an anti-Trump song; however, she has used the term “purposeful pop” when referring to the track. The idea of “purposeful pop” is creating music that can be related to relevant topics and motivates listeners to get involved. Katy Perry is using this song as a political call to action, a message to the masses to break out of their hazy obliviousness and take action to secure their freedom.


Once again, I felt that the bulk of this section was strong with context about Perry.  The only revision I made was the addition of a phrase at the end of the section.  I wanted to ensure that my reader was still engaged with the main idea and the lack of freedom topic i presented earlier.  I feel like by adding this, it really helped to keep my ideas on track and emphasized my thesis statement again.

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