The Sound of Obliviousness

The lyrics within the song reinforce Perry’s message of the need to become socially aware. The use of metaphors is significant in the explanation of society’s current impartialness to political and social issues. Perry sings “Are we tone deaf? Keep sweeping it under the mat, Thought we could do better than that.” This expresses her distaste for when people disregard societal issues by “sweeping them under the mat” and blindly ignoring them. She references the people who chose to only acknowledge the good and overlook serious issues when she sings the line, “So put your rose-colored glasses on, And party on.” Rose-colored glasses are typically used when referring to ignorant optimism. She also discusses how people’s privilege can cause them to become unsympathetic to others problems because the issues do not involve them directly, “So comfortable we’re living in a bubble, bubble, So comfortable we cannot see the trouble, trouble.” Perry is using the symbolism of a bubble to represent a world protected from any problems, and if you live in this bubble it may be difficult to see that others around you are struggling. Furthermore, just because you may not notice certain issues going on in your world it does not mean they should not be addressed. The different levels of ignorance Perry addresses in the lyrics stress her point of just how oblivious people have become and how important it is for them to increase their social awareness.

Chained to the Rhythm Lyrics


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